How do I get started?

As with most things in life, the sooner you get started, the better things will be. That holds true when it comes to financing your equipment acquisition.

It is a good idea to work with us early in the process to have the necessary funds approved in advance. This way, you will know exactly what funds are available before selecting the required equipment.

When should you contact us?


  • During your annual budgeting process
  • While preparing a quote on some new business
  • While developing new products
  • During your annual equipment maintenance / replacement planning

Whether your need is immediate, the next couple of months or, “somewhere down the road”,
giving us a call is your best start. By contacting us early in the process, we can understand your business and its equipment needs. With that knowledge, we can provide you with options for leasing or other financing products tailored to your specific needs. With these options in hand, you are in a better position to make an informed decision based on your business’s specific budget and purchasing power limits.

Compared to the cumbersome and grueling approval process that banks and other traditional lenders can put you through, the leasing process is quick and simple. At CDL, we respond quickly to your needs and manage the process from beginning to end.

Here are the basic steps to leasing your equipment…

Determine your total equipment needs and pick a supplier or vendors.

  • Be sure to get as much information on the equipment as possible (make, model, specifications, options, packages, etc.)
  • Get a quote on the full price of the equipment. Don’t forget to include shipping, assembly and training charges
  • If there is more than one dealer / vendor involved in your purchase, make sure to get quotes from each one

1. Complete our simplified application forms.  We will ask you for some basic information regarding your business and the equipment you want.  You can submit your application by...

  • Clicking on the PDF links to our application forms below, fill out, scan and email it to us or fax it to us directly at (855) 676-2831
  • Giving us a call at (289) 337-4639 and talking to us directly

2. We will contact you to review the details of your submission and some of the lease options available. We will discuss the equipment you have choosen, whether it is new or used.

3. Upon approval of your lease and finalizing lease documentation, we will contact your equipment dealer and they will deliver your equipment.

4. Once you have received your equipment and are satisfied, CDL will pay your equipment vendor’s invoice.

Here are the forms and documentation that you will need to get your application started:

  • A CDL Corporate Credit Application: pdf-icon-50
  • A CDL Personal Net Worth Statement: pdf-icon-50
  • A CDL Complimentary Information Form: pdf-icon-50
  • A CDL Transportation Equipment Credit Application: pdf-icon-50
  • A detailed list of the equipment to be financed
  • Documentation supporting the CDL Corporate Credit Application