Vendor Programs

meeting136As an equipment dealer, you face challenges from customers on a daily basis. One of the biggest can be pricing. Sometimes, it’s the only thing that stands between you and a sale. At Canadian Dominion Leasing, we understand the best way to overcome these concerns – is to have a solution before the issue even comes up.

CDL can help to integrate leasing into your sales regime by custom tailoring a vendor program designed to help you retain more customers and close more sales. Give your customers a wide range of term and expiry options, allowing you to provide leases that will match their cash flow. Your customers will get the equipment they need with payment schedules that work for them.

CDL helps our vendors focus more energy on selling, because we take care of the leasing related details.

At CDL we not only ensure that your customers receive quick responses to their applications, affordable rates and the highest level of service in the industry, but also that your salespeople are working with a financial partner that is as committed to growing your business as you are.

Here are some advantages of a CDL Point-Of-Sale financing solution…

  • It is much easier to finalize a major transaction by suggesting payment terms rather than requiring a single payment.
  • Get the full price for your equipment by selling a monthly payment
  • Prompt payment - We expedite payment on your sale upon equipment delivery
  • Lease used as well as new equipment
  • Personalized service for your clients – Friendly and knowledgeable leasing professionals take care of the details so you can work on other transactions
  • Get your company name out to our clients
  • Help vendors from outside Canada complete a sale to a Canadian customer
  • We can walk your Sales staff through the procedures in order to facilitate the process and conclude the agreement with your clients as quickly as possible.
  • Correctly analyze and fully understand your clients' needs in order to maintain an acceptance rate that is as high as possible
  • Become your own leasing company. Offer your customers a leasing program under your company name (white labeling)

We can assist our vendors in a variety of ways. All designed to enhance your current and future Sales & Marketing programs…

  • Train and motivate Sales staff
  • Partner on targeted and tailored promotions
  • Create impactful point-of-sales displays
  • Work with your Sales staff at trade fairs and exhibitions
  • Promotional pricing for special sales events
  • Develop customized financing programs
  • Provide you with advance notice of your customers’ leases that are reaching expiry, so that you can better approach them with new equipment or upgrade offers.

meeting-gold170Our dedicated leasing professionals are actively involved with our vendors at all levels of the sales process. We are committed to protecting the established goodwill between our vendor partners and their clients by painlessly guiding both through the leasing process. We take the necessary time to understand the client’s needs and in the end help our mutual client acquire the equipment they need while assisting our vendors close more sales.

If you think that a Vendor Program will help improve your sales,
contact us to find out more.

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