Other Asset-Based Financing

If you already own equipment and are looking for working capital … there are other alternatives.

Canadian Dominion Leasing can arrange Conditional Sales Financing, Secured Term Loans or, Sale/Leaseback programs for you.

When properly structure to meet your business needs; Term Loans can be an alternative financing option. Canadian Dominion Leasing can arrange Term Loans with flexible terms that range from $25,000 to over $10,000,000.


Successful businesses use Term Loans to…

  • Purchase Real Estate
  • Purchase new Equipment or Machinery
  • Make Factory / Plant upgrades
  • Upgrade / Modernize Equipment

Term Loans & Sales Leasebacks can also replenish working capital reduced by capital expenditures.

Refinancing your current term leases and loan obligations can provide substantial benefits as well. Such as lowering your payments and re-investing capital into your business. Refinancing options include structured payments, tailored to match the current income produced by the equipment.

Canadian Dominion Leasing has both the resources and expertise to provide your business with structured financing facilities. Canadian Dominion Leasing can even arrange complete restructuring alternatives to meet your business needs.

Give us a call to find out how Asset-Based Financing can work for you.


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